The fundamental objective of ATP Environment has always been one: to create a system that better meets customer needs, the standards required by law and our ethical values ​​in terms of environmental pollution.

Each member of the team is aware of the importance of their contribution in terms of professional skills and creativity, and for this reason our coordinated work sees the commitment of everyone in the search for the most appropriate, economic and technological suitable solutions for our projects. This is our strong point that guarantees us to carry out our work in the best way, towards the reduction of harmful emissions, for the good of the environment and customer satisfaction.


ATP’s team collaborates and discusses throughout the entire construction process of a plant. The input and execution methods of the project start from the top management, which entrusts the design and execution tasks to the operational teams that has previously planned the implementation times. For the purposes of internal transparency and t transmission of information, an internal monitoring system is built that allows us to be informed in real time of the problems that arise in each process or subprocess, ensuring punctuality and efficiency in solving problems.


Our way of acting is proactive and problem solving oriented. Every week, the whole team meets, giving us the opportunity to update ourselves on all the most important events. In this context, this aspect is fundamental since our projects can be profoundly different from one case to another, always requiring that we be reactive and creative, in order to overcome the obstacles that may arise and guarantee delivery times.

This is also the reason why collaboration with suppliers, throughout the design and construction process, is a fundamental element for us, but also with customers who have valuable information to guarantee the best possible technical design.

Our quality management system is constantly controlled through the indicators


Employee training and skills, number of orders/quotations made, non conformity of suppliers, fulfilment of delivery times, client complaints.

Our aim is to be able to work in diverse cultural contexts, being our clients being from all over the world, to comply with the mandatory standards of the countries and, above all, to respect our   “Zero eMISSION”.


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