Fumes cooling

How do ATP Quenchers work?

The Quencher ATP are used for the evaporative cooling of flue gas by atomization of water with compressed air through special spraying lances.

The process is fully automated and the materials of construction for the quenching section include Hastelloy and stainless steel from 304 to 316L. 

Hot gases enter from the top of the tower where they are cooled past the saturation point.

If not cooled, the hot gas flow can cause problems in subsequent treatment steps such as evaporation of the scrubber liquid into the tank of any downstream scrubber lowering its abatement efficiency and damaging its internal parts. 

In addition, if the gases entering the scrubber are too hot, some drops of scrubbing liquid may evaporate before they have a chance to intercept the pollutants, and others may evaporate even after contact, releasing the absorbed compounds.

Similar problems can be found in other types of treatment plants such as dry filters.

What are the advantages of using a Quencher?

The use of the ATP Environment quencher allows a noteworthy reduction in costs in fact, by lowering the temperature of the gases, the volume is also reduced, saving on the downstream line, starting with the fan.

In fact, in addition to being built with less expensive materials, it will have dimensions and consumption definitely lower..

This technology is ad hoc engineered for each specific application and to ensure compliance with regulations.





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