ATP stripping systems

Chemical abatement of pollutants

What are stripping systems used for?

The ATP stripping systems are used totransfer the volatile compound from water to air due to the change in pH and temperature and then finally break it down thanks to an acid solution.

This system operates for several substances including SOV, co2 and ammonia..

ATP Environment stripping systems have numerous applications, including the treatment of wastewater (industrial and municipal) which often contains high concentrations of ammonia.

Sistemi di Strippaggio - Impianti Aspirazione Industriale


The ammonia stripping system is a proven, chemical-physical process that involves the passage of ammonia nitrogen from the liquid phase to the gas phase. 

The equipment used for this treatment is essentially composed of two towers. In the first, the volatile component is released from the liquid phase with the addition of heat and sodium hydroxide to raise its pH, while in the second, it is intercepted by an acid solution that breaks it down to form ammonia salts.

These salts are then recovered as nitrogen contributors in agricultural fertilizers (minimum nitrogen content of 6% according to Legislative Decree 217 of April 29, 2006).

The system is fully automated and provides a closed air circuit avoiding emissions into the atmosphere.

ATP stripping systems are custom engineered for each specific application and to ensure compliance with regulations.

Thanks to the skills and experience of our qualified staff, ATP Environment will guide you in the choice of the air treatment system that efficiently meets your needs and the emission standards required by law.



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