Customizable Industrial Air Pollution Control Solutions

Ensuring clean air from industrial operations is crucial for the safety of onsite staff and neighboring communities, as well as for maintaining a socially responsible operation. Industrial air pollution control technologies are designed to capture and neutralize pollutants, preventing their release into the atmosphere. Each unit provides reliable, energy-efficient performance tailored to the unique needs and output of your facility.

Our extensive range of technologies allows ATP Environment to thoroughly evaluate each application, recommending the best solution based on performance requirements and efficiency needs.

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Bio scrubbers are effective in treating air streams containing biodegradable volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or odorous compounds. They use microorganisms to naturally break down and remove these pollutants from the air.

Biogas usually contains a high concentration of H2S, which is highly toxic and corrosive. It is therefore necessary to remove the hydrogen sulfide to reach environmental standards and to avoid the corrosion of the equipment.

The DeNOx scrubber implements the use of liquid hydrogen peroxide to oxidize NOx species. This technology guarantees a reduced NOx emission with contained costs.

Post Oxidation Scrubber is a system designed to cool and treat the gas using water and caustic solution. The system consists of a quencher, a column with internal structured packing.

The OXY scrubbing system is based on the absorption of ethylene/propylene oxides and their subsequent hydration to ethylene/propylene glycols.


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